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20 Summer Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

You don’t have to be the bride in order to look stunning on these big events. Indeed, the Summer Wedding Hairstyles can be worn also by bride-to-bes as well as special guests who would like to honor the ceremonial day with a fabulous outfit and hairdo. Those who would like ton enjoy the breezy weather […]

20 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

This post has the best collection of photos of Romantic Wedding Hairstyles that upcoming brides and even bride’s maids can do for their big day. Photos of Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for dark hair, brown hair, blonde hair and red hair are shared. Weddings are a lifetime dream of a girl and different girls dream of […]

20 Plait Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Plait Wedding Hairstyles – If there’s one day when women really worry about their hairdo, it’s on their own wedding day. Almost universally, brides tend to want a hairdo that is not their everyday hair style. Not only is this one of a woman’s most formal occasions, it’s also one of the most photographed. A […]

20 Modern Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Modern Wedding Hairstyles – For as long as I can remember, I have been fighting my curly hair. It’s poufy, unruly, and was the source of much middle school taunting. My formative years were spent making every mistake a curly-haired girl can make, from overdosing on gel to that time I chemically relaxed my ultra-fine […]

20 Hippie Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Hippie Wedding Hairstyles – You can have a hippie wedding to save money or to show the world that you’ve always been a rebel. Either way, a boho wedding is much more fun than an uptight, yawning, traditional ceremony. So, here are some tips on hairstyles from the 1960s and 1970s that will flash your […]

20 Fringe Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Fringe Wedding Hairstyles – Attention ladies rocking fringes also know as bangs! We are lovers of locks here at the One Fab Day HQ and a particular favourite look of ours is the fringe, from the baby doll to the pixie and all the fringe types in between that ladies have these days! It came […]

20 Fall Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Fall Wedding Hairstyles – Colourful leaves, a crisp cool breeze and pumpkin spice everything tells us that fall is officially here! Fall in love with these fabulous fall wedding hair ideas that perfectly capture the spirit of the season and are flat out drop dead gorgeous. The Simple Twist: We love the marriage of a […]

20 Classic Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Classic Wedding Hairstyles – When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle for prom, a wedding or any formal occasion, you can’t go wrong with a classic. I’ve picked 20 gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles that aren’t tacky or over-the-top, but rather are classy and perfect for wedding, homecoming or a prom. Classic Hairstyles can be simple […]

20 Chignon Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Chignon Wedding Hairstyles – Chignon is a bun created from hair curved into loops and pinned at the back of the head. Popularized in France in 1940s, chignon is a very chic and feminine hairstyle. When done flawlessly, chignon is a perfect inspiration for elegant wedding updos, but in its basic shape it is also […]

20 Casual Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Casual Wedding Hairstyles commonly boost your self-confident as part of your everyday exercise. these hairstyles for teenager usually lower your preparation time. Relaxed hairstyles for prolonged your hair occur from straightforward matter like roller and gel your hair. You can just enable it grow and organised it with gel or another design product or service […]