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20 Indian Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Indian Wedding Hairstyles – Indian weddings are founded on two families coming together and generally consist of parties that last for days. The big celebration focuses on the traditions and the bride. One of the best cosmetic features of Indian weddings is the bold bright color’s such as the orange, burgundy and gold colors that are often found on the sari and throughout the wedding celebrations including in the flowers and hair accessories. The most important aspect of your wedding is that you feel confident, happy and beautiful. Here are some Indian wedding hairstyles for ladies with medium length hair.

A Traditional Indian Braid-This traditional wedding hairstyle from South India is styled with a center part and a long braid down the back center. This hairstyle is perfect for those ladies who want to style their hair with the traditional embellishments and jewellery.

A Indian Hair Bun-This gorgeous updo is a large bun twisted around and gathered clean and tightly at the back of the head. This is another great hairstyle to decorate with beads; flowers, jewels or you could use a simple clip or one flower to for a simple and elegant look.

The Twisted Updo-A great and simple updo for medium length is to add a simple twist in the hair. The twisted up curl can be in the back of the hair or in the front of additional volume upfront. This hairstyle can be styled with a veil or embellishments but it doesn’t need anything to spice it up.

Half-Up Half-Down-Medium length hair gives you plenty of options for styling but you might not be able to do the intricate updo’s that many brides seek. A great compromise is a simple and timeless half-up hairstyle. This style is perfect because you easily wear a veil or traditional accessories.

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