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25 Outdoor Wedding Decorations Ideas

If you decide on an outdoor wedding location you will need to plan for bad weather by providing an alternate shelter if it rains. If you don’t know where to start contact a local party rental store. If you rent from them directly they will put up any sized tent you need and come back after the wedding to remove it. Another nuisance with Outdoor Wedding Decorations can be the wind, especially if you are having a beach wedding. If you’ve chosen a beautiful beach for your wedding spot, consider setting everything up in a cove where you will be protected from direct wind.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations is usually simplistic. The whole idea of an outside wedding is to enjoy and appreciate nature. Couples that choose outdoor weddings usually enjoy being outside whether it be a favorite garden, a beautiful beach setting, or your own backyard. When getting outdoor wedding decoration ideas, keep it simple and let nature speak for itself. The best way to add some great design to an outdoor wedding is a decorated garden arch.

These can be rented from party rental stores, borrowed from a neighbor, bought at most garden stores, or from craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Decorating these with tulle, balloons, flowers, or lights is a great way to add some style and beauty to the scene. Chair covers are another way to add some beauty to your wedding ceremony and wedding reception decor. These can be purchased or made custom, but really add to the overall blend of your theme.

If your wedding takes place in the late evening you will need lights. For beach themed weddings customized sack lanterns can be used to light the walkways as well as tiki torch lanterns. This type of lighting sets a romantic, but casual feel to any wedding. Garden weddings look best when lit up with garden type lights. Many brides are now choosing to use the eco-friendly solar powered garden lights because they require no cords and are cost effective. “Christmas” lights are also used to wrap around trees and accent other garden features.

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