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20 Stunning Burlap Wedding Ideas

Burlap Wedding Ideas – When you think about fabric used in weddings, usually fabrics like silk, satin, tulle, and organza come to mind. Ever since Queen Victoria wore white for her own wedding and set the wedding world on its ear, those have been traditional fabrics used in wedding décor. Over the years, we’ve seen color added in and brides veering away from the traditional white. Little by little, the colors have gotten brighter and more dramatic.

Even prints have been added to the mix with toile and damask, even polka dots, being seen in runners and tablecloths. But burlap? Seriously? Amazingly enough, burlap has become strangely popular in wedding décor with brides fighting like bridezillas to have the humble fabric included in all elements of their décor including pew markers, runners, overlays, even signs. Why would such a rough, rustic looking (and more often than not, smelly!) fabric be used as wedding decor?

Although many brides choose burlap simply because it’s trendy, like most fads, it didn’t start out that way. More than likely, one renegade bride decided to buck the overpriced and overblown wedding industry and follow the “Keep It Simple” adage. Who knows, maybe she lived near a farm and her expensive runners didn’t come in on time for her wedding and her planner had to think up something fast. So they just grabbed a few potato sacks, split them open, laid them on the table, and Voila!…a star is born!

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