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Junior Bridesmaid Dress Etiquette That Every Bride Should Know

Usually, a wedding includes the bride, bridesmaids, and groom who become the center of attraction for all the guests. But nowadays, the trend of adding junior bridesmaids has also become quite popular. If you’re planning something similar to your wedding, then, you should look for the best Junior Bridesmaid Dress.

Now, the junior bridesmaids dresses are more like a special part of the wedding party. So, their dresses should also give such a look and feel. There are some etiquettes to consider when shopping.

Understanding The Role of Junior Bridesmaid in Wedding

When it comes to junior bridesmaids, they are typically younger than adult ones. Usually, their age is often between 8 to 16 years.  Though they hold similar responsibilities as adult bridesmaids, mostly they are like a special center of attraction for every guest.

Duties of Junior Bridesmaid in the Wedding Ceremony

She helps with the invitation, setting up bridal shower decorations, and also participates in the ceremony processionals. Her optional duties include sendoff favors, being included in bridal party dances, and a lot more.

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How To Plan For A Junior Bridesmaid Dress For Wedding

Before you go planning to just buy an attire for her, you should consult first with her parents. Another important thing is that you should also respect their preferences about color, style as well as budget. Furthermore, the apparel you choose should compliment the overall color and theme of the wedding. Our advice would be to look for something easy to carry around, lightweight, and breathable so she doesn’t feel any discomfort during different events.

Now, coming to the dressing part, they are intended to match best with the adult bridesmaid dresses. You can make the desired adjustments so she feels comfortable in her beautiful outfit.

The best ones are the ones that are suitable according to comfort and age. It’s best to plan to avoid overly mature styles or designs that reveal too much.  You should select an outfit that comes with the right length and fit. For example, for 12-year-olds, it’s best to choose a dress that’s similar to the other flower girls.

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Essential Factors To Consider For Dresses

  • Color

For suggestions on color, we recommend not going with any bold colors. The reason is that they may overshadow the bride or may clash with the wedding palette. Make sure that the dress color highly matches the other bridesmaids. For that, you can consider wearing some light shades or softer shades that’ll add a youthful touch. 

  • Age

The age of your junior bridesmaid highly matters. If she is quite young then, you need to select a dress that is more comfortable to wear and less formal over traditional dresses. For a better suggestion, you should go for a knee-length dress which has light, airy fabric. Also, if your bridesmaid is older, then, you can opt for a more traditional or formal dress like a floor-length gown.

  •  Style

When it comes to styling, it’s important that you’re junior bridesmaid dress should complement the other dresses.  For example, if your bridesmaid is wearing gowns, then it’s best to choose a gown for her.

  • Budget

The budget plays a crucial role in selecting a dress for a junior bridesmaid. So, you need to consider it thoughtfully before buying. Now, the dresses can go from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Therefore, it’s essential to set a well-planned budget before buying Bridesmaid Dresses.

Some Tips on Junior Bridesmaid Etiquettes

Learn about the wedding formality. If the wedding theme is formal, then you should choose a dress that looks more formal. Moreover, if the wedding theme is more into casual events, then, you should opt for choosing casual dress.

Know that she shouldn’t wear white color dresses. The white color is usually the bride’s color. Therefore, it is essential for the junior bridesmaids to avoid it. Also, they should not wear the black color. The reason is that this color is associated with mourning.  

You should also include some beautiful accessories like bracelets or pendants to make them look and feel special at the wedding.


Avoid your junior bridesmaid going for an expensive dress. Though the bride and groom typically pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses, so it’s best to be mindful of their budget also.

As a bride, you can also discuss the wedding etiquette guidelines of junior bridesmaids. You can remind them of the importance of behaving respectfully as well as participating actively in the pre-wedding events. Furthermore, you should encourage them to be more enthusiastic and develop a positive attitude.    

Tips on Choosing A Junior Bridesmaid Dress

  • Shop Early: It’s mostly seen that dresses can be difficult to find. So, it’s considered best to start shopping early. Doing so, will give you plenty of time and help you find the perfect dress for a junior bridesmaid.
  • Be Open to Different Dressing Styles: You may find many different styles of bridesmaid dresses. So, don’t hesitate if you don’t get the desired dress. You can choose different dressing styles.
  • Bring Your Junior Bridesmaid With You When You’re Shopping:  When you’re shopping for a dress, it’s best to bring her with you. It would be easier to ensure which dress style would suit her best. Moreover, she can tell if the dress fits her perfectly.
  • Don’t Forget About The Other Essential Accessories: With the right accessories, you can complement your junior bridesmaid. So, make sure that you choose the accessories that compliment her style, dress, and personality pretty well.

The Bottom Line

A junior bridesmaid dress can create a strong impact on the wedding. So, it’s crucial to have a good knowledge of choosing the right one. This article listed some essential factors and important points in choosing the dress for your junior bridesmaid.If you’re searching for the best dresses then, we suggest shopping from the Modelchic website today. It’s a one-stop shop for all your bridesmaid needs. They offer a variety of different dresses like infinity dresses, formal dresses, accessories, and more. Visit the website and learn about unique dresses that you can use in your wedding.