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A Bridal Makeup Guide for the Going-To-Be-Brides

Since childhood every bride dream about her wedding imagining herself as the most beautiful bride. These dreams need to be fulfilled for each and every bride to make her day special. Hiring the best makeup artist can be the primary and the most significant step but still the bride also needs to know some essential points regarding bridal makeup. There are various bridal makeup looks to opt from and the bride should make the final decision of how she wants to look. Here is a bridal makeup guide for all the going-to-be-brides including some special bridal makeup tips.

Makeup tips for bride:

1.Moisturizer is important!

Start the makeup after applying a good amount of moisturizer. Applying moisturizer before makeup helps to make the skin tone even. A plain or even skin tone helps to keep the skin texture plain and therefore convenient for the application of makeup smoothly. Use your fingertips to apply the moisturizer well by circular motion.

2.Don’t use a foundation with SPF!

Make sure the foundation which you are using under your makeup doesn’t contain SPF as it will give a flash effect to your face which won’t look good in your photographs at all. Choosing a matte foundation would be a good choice.

3.Use individual eyelashes!

Yes! In Spite of using a single fake strip eyelash for your eyes, use individual eyelashes. These will look more beautiful. Also use a curly mascara for adding volume to your eyelashes. Decorating your eyelashes well is a major part of bridal eye makeup.

4.Choose your lipstick shade according to your lips size:

If you have thin lips then you should choose some light or natural colour which matches well with your skin tone to line the natural line of your lips. If you have plump lips then you should choose a darker shade to line the natural line of your lips.

5.Don’t copy others, highlight your best feature!

Instead of copying others bridal you should understand what your best features are. Focus on your best features and try to highlight or beautify them more. This will bring out your natural beauty and rather than getting compliments for your makeup you will get compliments for your good features. If you will continue to copy others while ignoring your specialties then you might just not look as beautiful as you could.

6.Always take a trial session:

You don’t want your big day to be ruined because of any makeup mistake. So rather than having any surprise mistake on your wedding day you can have a trial session before your wedding to make sure you are getting the look which you desire. This way any flaw which needs to be corrected can be taken care of and won’t be repeated on the wedding day.

7.Start taking care of your skin and hair 2 months before:

To have a glowing skin and shiny hair you also need to give proper nourishment to your them with face masks and hair spa/masks. Do this to bring out the natural glow and shine. It will make you look more beautiful on your wedding day.