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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Relationship

A long time ago, people met in person for a date. Dating is a lovely way of finding potential partners. Things have changed a lot. Why should you go out on a date when you can swipe your screen and find a life partner right in there? And at the comfort of your couch! You may be in a hurry to find someone to curl up with before the scuffing season is here. So, is there a tangible difference between dating online vs real life? Of course, there are differences. In yesteryears, dating was so conventional, you need to meet in person and walk the parks together while exchanging pleasantries, but nowadays, you can hook up with someone and strike a deal even before meeting in real life.

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Whether you are looking to find a date or you want to get into a long term relationship, asking these questions to your potential partner might help determine whether you sail on the same boat:

If someone asked you to name your greatest motivation in life, what would it be? This question helps determine if both of your dreams align together. You can’t imagine the number of relationships that falter because the two involved read from different pages.

What is the importance of making space for yourself? Tell me if you have seen a couple who are always together and everything is cool! Not possible. Space is essential, and it curates relationships so that it is like the first time the next time you meet.

How open are you with feelings? Open, and health communication is an excellent nutrient to nourish a relationship. Dark secrets and dark pasts not confessed will come to haunt a relationship sooner or later.

What is your sense of humour? Are you the type that makes a lot of jokes? Out of 10 sentences, you say, how many are jokes and how many are genuine and sincere. Sometimes people make a lot of jokes and fail to draw a line between jokes and serious business. It can irritate the partner if one is not careful unless both of you are jokers.

What is your sex appetite? How often do you like having sex? Do both of you have similar sex drives. If not, you are not compatible, and you shouldn’t sign any contract yet.

What mode of communication do you prefer? Texting, calling, DMing; you should make things clear from the start. Let your partner know how you prefer to communicate.

What is your dream job? What would you like to be, an accountant, an influencer, tell one another your aspirations for the future. When you get into a relationship, you will offer moral and material support to one another as you both endeavour to fulfil your future dreams.

There are many preliminary questions to ask before getting ahead into a relationship. Make sure you ask every question to your potential partner before giving a green light.