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An Enthralling Event Full of Magic and Fun – Julian Bull Magic Show

If you’re planning an event, whether corporate or private, you’ll want to make it unique, interesting, and entertaining. Why not go for a magic show? A well-presented magic show can turn your event into an unforgettable and spell-binding affair. Whether they believe in magic or consider it a well-planned illusion, people still find it entertaining. And if the magic show at your event is beautiful blend of creativity, humor, and illusion, what more do you need? Julian Bull’s Magic show gives you that perfect blend of fun, creativity, and illusion to keep the audiences engaged and enthralled. With his witty repartees and interesting tricks he can involve the audience and keep them entertained. No matter if it’s a birthday party, corporate event, wedding, or festival celebration, Julian’s magic show can liven up your party with little props and lots of fun!

Wide Variety of Skills

Julian uses a wide variety of magical skills to make all his shows super interesting and fun. He has a lot of professional performance experience of doing regular shows. He uses many magic tricks like sleight of hand with simple everyday objects like rope, coins, paper, balls, cups, spoons, etc. In fact, almost all his props are either hand-made or easily available at a shopping center. While his acts are inspired by great magicians, he does add his own improvisations to make it better and more fun. He has even invented some of his own magic tricks which you can check out on his social media accounts like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Immersive and Entertaining Experience

Magic is in itself an enthralling experience. However, Julian makes it even more interesting by involving the audience in his performances. He has 11 years of professional experience and a portfolio full of reputed names like Luna Park, Ikea, Dolby, etc. His repertoire is full of amazing tricks like sleight of hand, mentalism, and parlor tricks with technology. He can also do different types of performances like roving close-up magic, cabaret act, street performances, product advertisements, and various combinations of the above. 

Connect With the Audience Easily

Magic is actually one of the easiest ways in which a performer can connect with the audiences. Everyone likes seeing magic tricks. Even if you don’t believe in magic, there’s always that curiosity to catch the trick and see through the illusion which keeps the audiences engaged. Julian too knows a lot of magic tricks like mentalism or sleight of hand using various props to keep everyone involved and entertained. 

Generate More Leads for Your Products

Whether you believe in it or not, magic is something that everyone can enjoy in some or the other form. Hence, using magic shows to garner attention from the audience to promote a product, service, or an event is a great idea. And with a lot of experience in street performances, Julian is perfect for the job. He started his career as a magician 11 years ago as a street performer and still does some busking occasionally for fun. He can easily generate new leads for your products by drawing in a big audience with his street shows.

Any event or occasion becomes more memorable when the guests have a good time and get something to talk about from the event. A cool magic show can be just that fodder that gets the guests talking and livens up the event.