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The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Wedding Without Getting Into Debt

Weddings are expensive and everyone wants the perfect wedding with the grand chandeliers and massive reception venue, a ten tier wedding cake, a fancy meal menu, and of course a great band to kick-start the whole event.

Most times, we get carried away when planning a wedding thanks to the internet to magnify decoration ideas and other things not considering the amount you and your partner have.

Asides, the headache of selecting the right things to have that perfect wedding. On Collected Reviews, you’ll find reviews of some top stores and the services they offer. To be on a much safer side, there are finance companies reviews from top companies to assist you with your wedding finances, just so you can have your dream wedding without getting into debt.

Here is the ultimate guide to put you through the process.

1. Have a budget: Before deciding on the venue and any other thing. It is important to have a budget planned out. Once the budget planning is ignored, you start over planning and having many pleasing ideas that might be a little over the top for you to handle. Take time to figure out how much you intend to spend for the whole planning from the venue, decorations, cakes, and dresses. No matter what, ensure you don’t get carried away and go over budget, reflect as you spend but ensure it is still within your budget and if possible a bit lower.

2. Save ahead of time: Saving ahead of time saves a lot of drama. Paying for the wedding in full is surely one way to avoid running into debt. Months before the wedding, put aside a particular amount of money, and to do this, you might need to cut down on some regular expenses to be able to meet up. By doing this you can also tick some of the boxes since some vendors require half of the payment deposited upon placing an order. 

3. Consider a wedding planner: Planning a wedding could be overwhelming and you might need help with the details. Wedding planners have a wide network of vendors with various price lists depending on your budget. They can also offer some tips on what to focus on and what not.

4. Prioritize: Figure out what matters most to you. Pay attention to the small details, if your wedding dress is your priority and you’re willing to spend less on the venue or something else then go for it. Go over your budget and decide what aspect you’re willing to spend more and less.

5. Don’t follow the wedding season: April and September are the known wedding season. Getting married during other months saves money as bakeries and venues aren’t booked and the prices would be cheaper compared to the normal wedding months. Considering the days, Saturdays are when most people have their weddings, having it on Fridays or Sundays can reduce the meal cost as you don’t have to serve a full course meal during these days.

Regardless of how your wedding is planned, if you’re happy, it’ll always look like the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. So, this means you don’t have to break the bank to have a great wedding.