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Hiring Live Wedding Bands: Your Ultimate Music Checklist

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s only natural to want everything to be perfect. Every detail, from the flowers to the food, is carefully considered to ensure your big day is memorable.

And one of the most critical elements of a wedding reception is undoubtedly the music. A live band can make all the difference, providing a memorable soundtrack to the evening and ensuring your guests have a great time.

But how do you go about choosing the right band for your wedding?

In this article, we’ll provide expert advice on hiring live wedding bands by taking you through a checklist of essential guidelines to keep you on track.

Things to Check With Your Venue

Venue rules: It’s essential to check with your venue to ensure they allow live music and have no sound limitations. Some venues have noise restrictions, mainly if they are located in residential areas. Knowing the decibel level limit and the time that the music must end is important.

Venue space:  This is worth checking to let you know the space available to host the band and how many members the venue can accommodate comfortably. Certain bands may require more space than others, and ensuring there is enough room for everyone to set up and perform is vital. 

Accessibility to the venue: Are there any logistical obstacles at the venue that the band should be aware of? Is there a specific area for loading and unloading equipment? These are essential details to consider and inform your band beforehand to prevent your schedule from going haywire.

Terms and conditions forms for bands to sign on the venue: Another thing to check with your venue is whether they have terms and conditions forms for bands and musicians to sign. This will outline any specific rules or requirements the venue has, such as equipment specifications or noise limits. 

Things to Check With Your Band, Artist or DJ

Once you have confirmed that your venue can accommodate a live band, it’s time to look for the perfect band for your wedding. But you’ve got to check some details from them for a smooth, outstanding performance. These details include:

Provision of a PA system: When speaking with potential bands or DJs, one of the first things to ask is whether they provide a PA system, also known as a sound system. A sound system is essential for ensuring that the music is heard clearly by all guests, and it’s crucial to ensure that the band or DJ you hire can provide a high-quality system. If the band doesn’t offer it, then you’ll need to hire one at an extra cost.

Does the band provide lighting?: while lighting can create an incredible atmosphere and enhance the overall experience for guests, most bands provide lighting, while smaller ones don’t. So always confirm with the band if it’s included in your quote.

Time frame of the band’s performance: Another critical question to ask when speaking with bands or DJs is whether their quote includes the entire evening or just a specific time. Some bands may only be able to perform for a set amount of time, while others may offer packages that include music for the entire evening. Knowing precisely what is included in the quote will help you budget and plan accordingly.

Open space performance: If your wedding reception is taking place outside, it’s essential to check with the band or DJ to see if they have any specific requirements. Outdoor events can present unique challenges, such as needing a gazebo to protect the band’s instruments when the weather changes. Knowing what the band requires will help avoid any last-minute issues and ensure the music goes ahead without a hitch.

Music schedule: Before you confirm your booking, it’s important to go through any special requests you may have with the band or musicians. Perhaps you have a specific song you would like them to play or a particular theme you would like them to incorporate into their set. It’s advisable to have some running order in place.

Sufficient time to set up: It’s also essential to ensure that the band or DJ has enough time to set up and prepare before the reception begins. They will need time to load in and set up their equipment, so agreeing on a suitable time with your venue is essential to ensure everything is ready to go when the guests arrive.

Food requirements for the band: it’s something that wedding planners often overlook in the contract, but almost all musicians do request a simple meal and soft drinks in their rider. This enables them to perform best, especially for those doing evening function bands till dead in the night.

Use A Live Band to Make Your Wedding Special!

A lot should be done on a wedding day, but a good checklist can save you many sleepless nights and hitches on your big day. And that’s why Hiring the right live band that conforms with your wedding is a good decision. Just ensure they offer a diverse selection of styles to make your wedding memorable and magical.