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20 Country Wedding Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

Country Wedding Hairstyles – I know it’s a rough decision for most women. Do you do your hair yourself and save money on your wedding day, or do you pay big bucks and have it done professionally? I’m here to tell you, it CAN be done by YOU, at home (with a little help from a friend), and will save you time, money, and stress. Continue reading for some great hairstyles that are sure to help make your wedding day a success!

The Side-Swept Chignon – The classic, but simple chignon is a wedding day hairstyle that is loved by many. It is used probably in more weddings than any other up-do, and for good reason. It’s very elegant looking when done correctly! The side-swept chignon is a new twist on an old favorite. Instead of being tight and pristine looking, the side-swept chignon is more light and flirty feeling.

You will start this hairstyle by doing your hair in a low, side ponytail. Then take the ends of your hair and flip them through right above the ponytail holder. For hair that is more of a medium length, leave it as is and accent with a pretty hair clip or barrette. However, if you have hair that is longer, it will look much better to put the side ponytail into a bun (perfection is not necessary, since we are going for a pretty, yet relaxed look), and once again use barrettes or pretty clips to finish the look and hold it in place. For a more romantic feel, leave a couple wisps of hair fall free and curl them to frame your face.

The Ever Popular Top Knot – This hairstyle is something like a bun, except much more formal looking. Begin by making sure your hair is super straight. A straightener can help give you that sleek, smooth look that most women desire, but is not necessary as long as you blow dry it straight.

Part your hair on the side, but leave out a large section in the front. Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Take the front piece that you left out, and pull it back along your ear, wrapping any extra length around the ponytail, and pin in place. Then, you will divide your ponytail into 4 sections, and twist 1 section, and wrap it up around the base of your ponytail, leaving the other sections loose for the time being. Now, you will repeat the twisting and wrapping with the other 3 sections, to form a bun.

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