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20 Unique Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Unique Wedding Hairstyles with every woman in the world wanting to have an individual look for her wedding day, it may seem like all of the good wedding hairstyle ideas have already been taken. However, there are plenty of unique designs that can be found, as long as a woman knows where to look. The secret hidden store of possibly unique wedding hairstyles comes not from the hairstyling industry, but from the fashion world.

Many top designers also have an eye for classic hairstyles and these are often presented during the exhibitions of the latest fashions. Taking examples from the fashion world will ensure that a woman has an individual, yet classic look when her big day comes.

With all the rage being on natural hairstyles that don’t look heavily ornamented or like they use excessive amounts of products, this hairstyle from the Nanette Lepore fashion show may be a new way to approach an upcoming ceremony. It combines a normal braid and a half-up, half-down casual style that is elegant enough to be used for a wedding. A woman that has a flowing or wispy wedding dress may be able to create a consistent style with this hairstyle, which recalls the flower power of the 1960s era in a modern way.

Going for a simple pinned-up style may be another choice for women looking for something special on their wedding day. This haircut showed up at a recent Donna Karan show and is a great way to add depth to hair that naturally lacks volume. It may be slightly messier than most women prefer on their special day, but it could fit well in a more casual ceremony for a bride that would like to stay down to earth instead of going for an overdone hairstyle. This style has a floating appearance that makes the already delicate hair look lighter than air as it rises off the nape of the neck.

If formality, pomp, and circumstance are the order of the day for a woman’s wedding, this creation displayed at a John Paul Gaultier runway show may be just right for a woman that wants to have an elegant hairstyle that is also unique. The oversized rolls conjure up a vintage feeling, but the truth is that this hairstyle could feel at place in almost any era. The timelessness of the style will translate well to wedding day pictures and a woman can feel confident that she will not be dated by the style of her hair.

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