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25 Easy Wedding Decorations Ideas

When it comes to crafting Easy Wedding Decorations most people don’t usually realize that they have the option to make their own wedding table confetti. By making your own confetti you can insure an ample supply of the confetti of your theme and color choice. Preparing your own wedding confetti you can be sure that you are able to personalize your wedding tables in the theme and design of your choosing.

There are many wedding projects which can be crafted early, packed away, and then brought out to shine in the spotlight on your wedding day. Creating your own wedding table decorative confetti is a wonderful alternative to purchasing ready made confetti and it is relatively easy to do. Many of the wedding decorations can be made well in advance of your big day.

Getting together with your friends can be the perfect opportunity to work as a group to create your wedding decorations. You usually spend time visiting with each other anyway, so why not bring an old fashioned touch to the time you spend visiting together, and create your wedding decorations as you chat. Wedding favors, bells, flowers, confetti, bouquets, baskets, and centerpieces are just a few of the wedding craft projects which can be made at home well in advance of your all important day.

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