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25 Homemade Wedding Decorations Ideas

Whether you want to craft all of the decorations, clothes, food and flowers yourself with the help of friends and family, or hand over the responsibility to someone else to create Homemade Wedding Decorations masterpieces, this post is sure to give you some fantastic ideas for themes and ideas for making your wedding truly unique! I’ve included photos of the coolest weddings I’ve ever seen.

Why go Homemade? Your wedding is one of the best and biggest days of your life…so you want to get it right! Having control over your whole wedding is important if you want it to fully represent you as a couple, and this is why I love the idea of a DIY wedding; you get to infuse your personalities into every aspect of it.

Particularly suited to people who want a unique, unusual or quirky wedding, or who want to craft the wedding to suit their personalities, hobbies and interests better, planning your own wedding means that you can do away with conventions & pre-planned packages and just do it exactly how you want it.

Being into crafts, I personally love the possibility of adding lots of Homemade elements most of all, and I certainly would want to make my own bouquets, invites, table settings, decorations and much more! Handcrafted details add a charm and uniqueness to the occasion, and because you pick out every part of every item on display, it will mean much more to you too.

Of course if you don’t enjoy crafts you don’t need to do this, but I think a fun idea would be to have ‘DIY parties’ with family and friends where you all help each other to make everything in a production line! This will produce fab memories, will be more fun and will get everything made so much quicker.

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