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25 Sunflower Wedding Decorations Ideas

Sunflower Wedding Decorations Ideas – Every month has its own seasonal flowers. To obtain the freshest, most beautiful, and affordable flowers, it helps to know what is available for your bridal month. Flowers are probably one of the more costly wedding purchases. Not quite as costly as the venue or food, but on par with this part of the budget. Floral arrangements add to the beauty of the wedding party and set them apart, besides adding fragrance and ambiance to the entire decor.

Sunflowers bring us many blessings. Not only are they named for the sun, the family of flower that they belong to is Asteraceae, which has the Latin word for star at its root ~ and the sun is a star. Sunflowers have always been one of my favorite flowers. They are number one on my list. They were pretty high on Vincent van Gogh’s list, too.

This late summer favorite lends a warm glow to wedding arrangements. The mini variety makes wonderful bouquets and centerpieces for a late summer or early fall wedding. Sunflowers pair especially well with gerbera daisies and mums for an earthy and rustic wedding design. Look these beautiful Sunflower Wedding Decoration Ideas.

Sunflower Wedding Decorations Ideas

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Beautiful Sunflower Wedding Decorations

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Sunflower Country Wedding decorations

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Sunflower Themed Wedding Decorations

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Sunflower Wedding Decorations Ideas

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