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25 Wedding Flowers Decorations Ideas

Wedding Flowers Decorations Ideas – Floral decor for a ceremony can be simple or elaborate and depends on several factors such as budget, theme and whether it is indoor or outdoor. If you are marrying in a place of worship, you will have to inquire about where and how you can decorate. Unfortunately, certain places of worship are very strict about where and how their church or synagogue is decorated.

Traditionally the ceremony or church entrance, aisles, pew ends, main altar, bimah, chuppah, lectern, window sills and signing table are decorated with flowers, greenery and bows. In order to save money, it is ideal to choose flowers for the ceremony that can be used at the reception. Ask the florist if they will transport arrangements from the ceremony to the reception, or enlist the help of a friend or family member.

Reception Flowers: Since you and your guests will be spending more time at the reception than the ceremony, as mentioned previously, it would be a good idea to transition your ceremony floral arrangements to the reception venue. Hand tied bridal bouquets look awesome tossed in clear or unique vases on the head table or as beautiful guest table centerpieces, (if there aren’t a lot of tables). Also, nosegays placed in special bouquet clip holders that attach to the head table are impressive as well, (ask your florist).

Make sure that your floral choices fit your style and colour schemes. Many reception flowers are arranged in candelabras, in pots, baskets, vases and ceramic or plastic containers. They are placed on various tables throughout the venue or placed inside wicker stands or on pedestals. The arrangements should always complement the table or space size as well as table linens. If you are not certain which tables need decorating, here are a few tips.

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