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Adorable Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Doesn’t every woman dream of a sweet proposal with an engagement ring, and a promise of forever? While getting proposed is certainly a beautiful feeling, sharing the engagement news with loved ones is equally exciting! Jewelry companies like EraGem indeed make it easy to find the perfect engagement ring, but the effort that your fiancé put in is what matters the most. So, naturally, the next step is to tell the world how touched and excited you are! And in today’s digital world where every coffee becomes an Insta post, sharing the big news with your friends and family in a single go is so easy! But using the same old methods can be a tad boring! How about trying something cute yet creative when making an announcement? Take a look at these adorable ways to announce your engagement on social media.

Say It with a Picture

You can say its cliché or that it’s been done before. But a cute picture of you with your fiancé, showing off your bling will make for a great post. And if you’re the less-drama type, this will be a subtle way of sharing the big news. Plus, you don’t need to do much except post a cute couple picture saying you’re engaged! And if you want to do something creative and different, you can take a quirky photo or use intriguing captions to get the attention of your friends and family.

Kids Increase the Cuteness Quotient

Have cute little nieces and nephews? Involve them in the announcement process and increase the cuteness quotient of your post instantly! If the kids in your family are just as excited, why not let them announce the news? They’ll love it too! Make them wear cute outfits and hold adorable signs announcing your engagement. You can even ask them to blow kisses or hug each other while holding out the signs! A truly novel way to share your big news!

Take a Ring Selfie with Props

Some may say it’s cliché but we call it a classic way of announcing the engagement. A selfie showing off the ring on your finger is a great way of letting them know that you’re moving on to the next phase of your life. But if you want to do something creative or flashy for the picture, you can use some props like fishing rods and ‘caught you’ signs or a rope tied in a knot, along with your ring. Or you can keep it nonchalant with a casual pic of your hand on the dinner table or a coffee mug showing off your bling!

Incorporate Your Interests

Who said couple-pictures are a must in engagement announcements? You can also incorporate your interests to make your announcement more fun and you! Sports lovers can use sports analogies or props to make a creative announcement. For example, you can use gloves to signify that he has made a great ‘catch’. If you’re a booklover, you can use a book cover or a favorite quote in the post. Try to use your interests and hobbies as a way of sharing the news with others.

No matter which method you use, the important thing is to not overdo it. Keep your pictures simple, subtle, and a little mysterious to make others as interested and excited as you are!