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How to Look for The Most Ideal Cut Diamond in Singapore?

What decides how precious a diamond is going to be? Carat is the obvious answer that many stick to, but several other factors determine the precious gemstone’s value. The cut of a diamond is one of the most critical factors that determine the real value of it.

When a jeweler in Singapore says “cut,” he or she doesn’t only refer to the diamond’s shape – oval, cushion, round, or princes, but also to its symmetry and polish. The cut of a diamond affects its brilliance, scintillation, and fire.

Why is it foolish to judge a diamond by the carat?

When a rough stone comes for polishing and cutting, a jeweler has to consider several possibilities for its future. The professional has to think about the balance of the maximum yield and the optimal cut of the gemstone. The bigger the stone, the higher is the yield. The consumer is often ready to pay higher for a diamond that is larger or more in carat. However, a slightly smaller, and well-cut diamond is more valuable in terms of its brilliance and scintillation, than a bigger stone with less yield to brilliance balance.

For example, two diamonds in a Singapore diamond store with almost identical GIA certificates might perform entirely differently based on their finer cuts. Super ideal cut diamonds return the most light, and less light leakiness. Therefore, the other diamond with ideal cut has higher light leakage and lower returns, giving the diamond an overall grayer look under fluorescent light.

How to pick the right diamond?

As a well-informed consumer, you should not pick a diamond solely based on its depth and table. The complete cut grade of a diamond incorporates both the factors, and you need to consider the overall cut grade before making your purchase. When there’s a tie between the two gemstones of similar cut grades, you should look at the individual components like polish, symmetry, table %, depth %, and girdle width. Different elements of a diamond’s cut can help you understand the diamond’s actual value in such situations.

How to find the best diamond in the store, always?

The best way to judge a diamond is to observe it under natural light. Inside jewelry stores, most people are unable to tell the difference between standard cut, ideal cut and super ideal cut diamonds of an almost identical carat and GIA certifications due to the high-intensity spotlights most of the jewelry stores in Singapore use indoors. In such situations, if you pick any one of the gemstones from a range of GIA triple excellent diamonds, you will definitely be paying the right price for the gem. However, you might be missing out on the added qualities of a super ideal cut diamond that adds extra fire and scintillation to the gemstone.

Few last words before you go shopping

In short, if you are thinking of buying an engagement ring that your love will always keep close to her or his heart, you should ask your jeweler in Singapore about super ideal cut diamonds of the same weight, size, and shape as your initial choice. Most gemstone connoisseurs go with round cut diamonds since they are classic. Picking a well-cut diamond comes with another perk that people rarely realize – a super ideal cut diamond reflects more light than it leaks; this often makes the gemstone appear larger than it is.