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The Different Uses of Sola Wood Flowers in Decor

Sola wood has impressed many craft lovers and enthusiasts with its many benefits and uses. Although Sola wood is nothing new to the history of crafts, its recent rise to popularity is mainly due to its versatile and durable nature. It is one of the lightest known woods made from Aeschynomene Aspera, also known as Sola, Shola, or Shola pith. The bark of this plant is taken off to expose the cream, cork-like center. This center is then made into thin sheets and used to create various craft objects. Sola wood is foam-like, soft to touch, and easy to shape. The products made from this wood are versatile and diverse. You can give them any shape, color, and appearance. However, these days it is most commonly used to make lovely sola wood flowers. Let us look at the various ways in which you can use sola wood flowers.

Wedding Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are increasingly becoming more chic and unique. And what’s more unique than a bouquet made of long lasting and pretty wooden flowers? The recent awareness for sustainable products and green living has led to an increase in the popularity of sola wood flower bouquet and centerpieces. Sola wood flowers are easy to make, reusable, bio-degradable, and very unique. Moreover, you can also customize them to match your wedding colors. What more can a bride want! Indeed these flowers are the perfect eco-friendly alternatives for traditional wedding flowers.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

Another area where sola wood flowers have become popular is making corsages and boutonnieres. Corsages and boutonnieres are usually worn in formal functions and dances. Traditionally these were made with real flowers but recently artificial alternatives have also become popular. Sola wood flowers are an eco-friendly alternative to real flowers. While real flowers may wilt, sola wood flowers remain fresh, perky, and beautiful throughout the event. Plus, you can also reuse them in some other way once the event is over.

Home Decoration

Other than being used as bouquets, sola wood flowers also work wonders in home decoration. You can use them for centerpieces or vase arrangements in your home or office. They are quite easy to maintain, don’t wilt, and remain fresh and beautiful for a long time. Moreover, you can also reuse them for other purposes easily. For example, you can simply re-dye the flowers in your living room centerpiece to suit your Christmas decorations. What a great way to save precious money and time!

Creative DIY Crafts

Using sola wood for crafts and home decoration is nothing new. Indeed, sola wood has been used for arts and crafts in the Indian subcontinent and some other Asian countries from ancient times. Even today, you can use sola wood to make beautiful idols of gods and goddesses, garlands, show-pieces, sculptures, and many other craft objects.

Sola wood flowers can last a lifetime if you care for them properly. And since they are made from natural wood instead of any manmade material, they are also very eco-friendly. Their versatility, re-usability, and durability make them one of the most popular alternatives to real flowers.