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20 Inspirational Christian Wedding Ideas

Christian wedding Ideas are known for the singing, dancing and merriment they display. Apart from the popular themes and styles in the market these days, many couples like to have a traditional wedding and stick to a biblical theme for the event. Even if the concept comes across as a notion of the yesteryears, it is in fact fun to prepare and execute the same. Guests enjoy the Biblical and rustic feel such events exude. Let’s take a look at how a Christian wedding and invitation can be based on Biblical times.

Every religion has specific auspicious symbols that need to be incorporated in the wedding card. While making a Christian card, incorporate symbols such as the cross, rosary, dove, church or church silhouette, flowers, candles, praying hands or pictures of Jesus, Mary, the saints or angels in the card.

With recent printing techniques you could get a wonderful effect like engraving, laser printing, laser paper cutting etc. This will give the card an interesting and modern look even while it is inspired by the Biblical times. Other images close to the faith include musical instruments like the harp and trumpet, religious pictures in stained glass, footprints in the sand, birds perched on a tree etc.

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