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Picking a Wedding Date: How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Date

Picking a wedding date is the task of the same value as choosing the engagement rings of your dream. When the engagement rings are the symbol of your family’s birth, the wedding date is its birthday. Therefore, both of them should be extremely special. So it happened that we have the image of the rings long before the wedding; we dream about them from early childhood (that is why they are called “the rings of a dream”) but the process of picking a wedding date turns to be more complicated. How to pick the day you can be proud with for the rest of your life? We have a few ideas.

Exclusion method

We recommend starting from excluding the dates, which are undesirable ones to shorten the number of possible variants. For this, cross out the dates related to grief – you will unlikely want to marry the day when somebody of your closest has passed away even if it has happened many years ago. Then, exclude the dates having negative associations for you, like September 11th, Friday 13th, or something else what matters personally for you. It could be the wedding date of your relatives who were unhappy in their marriage or you unfortunate day. In short, cross out every date that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Ask the moon and stars

Even If you do not believe in metaphysics, it would not be superfluous to check astrological or moon calendar. You can find both on the Internet by creating a search request “happy or unhappy wedding dates 2019”. From ancient times, the moon calendar was the primary adviser in any human decisions. Formerly people asked it whether they should sow the field, invest money or borrow money, start a business or traveling. Today we adjust our plans to the moon’s activity more rare than previous generations but it does not mean we should not do this at all. Wedding day is a responsible moment, so why not to ask heaven what day is the best for marrying.

Think about special dates

Each love story has memorable dates like the day of the first meeting, first kiss, the brightest day spent together and many others like these. Reflect on your couple’s story and be sure that picking the date will be your best pre-wedding experience. You can also consider the dates, which are significant for your family. Maybe all the couples of your family have the same wedding date or you, the bride and groom, have the same birth dates. Look for the magic of numbers wherever you can and use the most inspired one to create your wedding mystery.

Consider your budget

You can assume that organizing a wedding ceremony on a popular date like 20/02/2020 can cost a lot of money since you are not the only couple believing in the magic of numbers. If your budget is not limited, you can try to fight for this magic date with the other couples but more economic decision exists. You can pick a less popular day like Friday 13th. People avoid this frightening date but it could be happy for you. So, if you can overcome the widespread wedding superstitions, you have a chance to shorten your wedding budget significantly just by choosing a wedding date.

Analytical approach

Nothing is more eloquent than the happy experience of other people. Just think about the happiest couples you have ever met and ask about their wedding dates. If you find that some of the happiest families have married on the same day, be sure – that day is conducive to marriage. If you have not the exemplary couples in your closest surrounding, try to use social media. Investigate people’s posts. Searching your chosen wedding date on Facebook, for example, and analyze whether this day users posted many anniversary posts to thank their wife/husband for the years of happy marriage. Check a few dates by this method and you will interesting analytics.

Indeed, we recommend believing in the magic of your love not in numbers. Be sure, it does not matter what date you pick. Date is not that factor creating your day but your happiness makes the date special.