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20 Short Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Short Wedding Hairstyles – There are so many fashionable hairstyles around these days it can be quite overwhelming trying to choose for your Wedding. Firstly, think how short you want to go. Take into consideration your face shape. Women with small petite features can look good with extremely short hair if they have the confidence to go with it.

Most of us feel happier with a medium short cut meaning a bit more hair around the sides of our faces we can tuck behind our ears for a different look. Then you have to decide do you want a full fringe for a dramatic look or a side-swept fringe for a softer look. Maybe you don’t want a fringe/bangs at all as you have a lovely forehead to show off.

Next, you have to look at your hair-type. No point choosing a beautiful sleek style if you have unruly wavy or curly hair. You will end up being disappointed with the results. Unfortunately, hairdressers cannot achieve miracles although they do try very hard to give you what you want.

You need to decide how much time you want to spend on your new hairstyle. You may want to get up give it a brush and go so do not choose a fussy style keep it simple. Of course, if you have lots of time then a more complicated style may be the one for you. Do not forget that short hairstyles need more trimming to keep their style at least every 6 weeks possibly less depending on the cut.

You need to factor in the time and cost for your frequent trips to the hairdresser. On the plus side, having your hair cut on a regular basis will mean your hair is in excellent condition. If you have very long hair, it is probably best to go short gradually so you do not get too much of a shock. A short bob is probably the best way to start it is easier to grow if you decide short hair is not for you.

The hairstyles to the right show how you can vary your short haircut. You can have a full fringe or grow it a bit longer and have a side-swept fringe. These hairstyles are just long enough so you can tuck your hair behind your ears for a different look.

These hairstyles are best suited to naturally straight hair but can be adapted to wavy hair for a more messy look. Of course, with hair straightness, even wavy hair can become straight. The two hairstyles on the right are very short and suited to women with petite features. These styles are suited to all hair types. Check these beautiful 20 Short Wedding Hairstyles Ideas and enjoy.

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