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20 Straight Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

We take a look at some gorgeous Straight Wedding Hairstyles that are just perfect for your big day! When it comes to deciding on your look for your bridal hairstyle, straight hair will add smoothness and a touch of class to any ‘do and looks especially great when left out to flow over your shoulders, or styled into an updo. To see what we mean, here are some of our favorite choices for a straight wedding hairstyle.

Elegant Updo- This elegant updo looks fantastic thanks to the smoothness of the straight hair strands and creates quite an impact thanks to the hair volume through the back section. A simple style like this would look perfect dressed with decorated hair clips and will give you the chance to show off your beautiful face on the big day.

Side-Swept Bangs- Teaming a straight hairstyle with some sassy side-swept bangs for your wedding day will give you a style that draws attention to your eyes and gives your face shape lots of softness.

Ponytail- For those looking for a look that isn’t as elaborate as an updo, why not give a simple ponytail a try? It can be dressed up with a plait or braid and back combed locks (à la this look) or given the right touches with the help of some hair accessories.

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