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Four Strategic Tips To Successfully Create HR Videos

We live in a fast-paced world, and standing in the year 2020, it is evident the geographical boundaries are shrinking every passing day. Thanks to a plethora of technological advancements in the field of communication and travel, we live in a global village. The boundaries are only in books and maps. Various successful corporations are opening up branches all over the world to tap into multiple market-wise advantages. So the workforce of such organizations is more culturally diverse than ever. After all, human resources are an asset of every organization, and hence proper attention is necessary while recruiting new talents as well as nurturing the current ones.

Dealing with one of the essential assets of an organization is not a simple job. So the HR professionals need to be dynamic and should possess out of the box thinking.

Here are four tips for creating successful videos for HR professionals

1. Portray the organization’s work culture

In today’s dynamic world, monetary remuneration is not the only driving force to morally support prospective candidates. The other benefits that an enterprise provides are also an important factor in attracting talents. So while making videos, HR professionals should highlight the key work culture of the particular organization to attract good skills into the workforce. Few of the key things to highlight are-

  • Work atmosphere

An employee will spend a major part of their day in the workplace. So a positive environment at the office is very important. Having a supportive atmosphere that offers adequate opportunities for career growth is a deciding factor for the candidates. So it should be prominently highlighted in such videos

  • Showcase approachable management

Having approachable management works as a great morale boost and offers immense job satisfaction. HR videos should clearly state how friendly and approachable the management is and how important the workforce is.

  • Employee Experience

Don’t forget to add the current employees’ experience of working in the organization. Ask them to speak about the career opportunities they receive in this organization and how satisfying their job role is.

2. Clearly state the job description

In the conventional method of approach, the job descriptions were plainly stated in writing. But when you have the technology by your side, it will be unfair not to use it to the fullest. Hence be creative and communicate the job roles via a video. The things to mention are-

  • List the job responsibilities

Just don’t read out the job responsibilities point by point. Don’t be boring and try to spice it up by speaking of the opportunities the candidates will get after successfully performing their job responsibilities. Mention what they can expect out of their career from this organization.

  • Give them a reason to apply

You need to give them an adequate reason to join your company through your video. Mention the various benefits and perks the organization provides, like- flexible working hours, paid lunch, pick up, and drop facility, work from home, etc.

  • Employee testimonial

Try to add current employee’s experience of working in the organization. Their positive testimonials will install confidence in the candidate and will encourage them to join.

3. Ease out the joining process

The newly recruited employees need to learn a lot in a very short span. Ranging from understanding the company culture, the hierarchy levels, immediate reporting authority, co-workers, etc. the new candidate needs to accustom all these things as soon as possible. It can be daunting and can negatively impact their confidence. So it will be great if the HR professionals put all this information in a video. After all, we know processing information is easier via video instead of texts.

  • Be creative

Use a reliable video maker like invideo and try to be creative and entertaining while offering all information. Engage current employees in the video and try to make it more relatable.

  • Don’t make it lengthy

The whole purpose of video making will be useless if you end up making an hour-long video. Break the full video into multiple 5-10 minutes bytes.

  • Company goals and objectives

Offer basic details of the company’s goals, mission, and vision in brief. Don’t get into too many details.

  • Inspire

Try to be inspiring to the recruits; tell them how much they can make in the organization with their skill set.

4. Showcase the current workforce and culture

Just don’t make your video all about recruitment. Try to attract your audience by offering a sneak peek into the daily work life of the current employees in the office.

  • Showcase the current workplace

Offer a sneak peek into the office campus life, the regular bonding sessions between employees in the canteen, and offer to show how your employees release stress in the game room. Try to communicate the daily vibe at the workplace through your video.

  • Interpersonal relationship

Try to capture the interpersonal relationships with the present employees. Add in footages of your annual picnics, office parties, get-togethers. Showcase the strong bond that your current employees share. Try to portray the positive work environment of your organization from every perspective.

  • Internal communication

Add various footages are showcasing your employees, taking part in meetings, and multiple decisions making. Edit your videos creatively and tactfully to project how much involvement the employees make in day to day affairs of the organization. Use a good editor like youtube editor to trim properly, split, and edit your video accordingly.

  • Employee appreciation

Don’t forget to add clips of monthly/ annual ceremonies of your organization, where your employees’ achievements are appreciated and honoured. It will help your current recruits understand how hard work and going that extra mile can shape them and motivate them to give their best. Use a reliable outro maker, and highlight your organization’s achievements, centring your current workforce’s contribution to it. Conclude your video is welcoming the new candidates and wishing them all the success and growth in their careers.


Following all these 4 points while making HR recruitment videos will help you achieve excellent results in attracting dedicated and talented individuals.