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If you’re looking to have a memorable wedding ceremony, you will want to think out of the box when planning your entire event. While many brides think this originality and creativity are only applicable to the cake or flower arrangements, your venue can also be a fun, playful, and even unusual choice. The quality of a space depends on its purpose. Therefore, you can always find a venue ideal for your own vision. Intimate weddings, in particular, have been growing increasingly popular and can work in almost any venue. The cooler your location, the less you will have to spend on decor, so why hesitate to make a different, creative choice? Here are a few unique options you will want to consider.


Using a museum as a wedding venue ensures you have ample space, quality natural and artificial lighting, and fascinating decoration already in place. Your chosen museum can feature details pertinent to your relationship, such as a painting by your favorite artist or creations from the cultural origins you may share. Museums exist in every major and medium-sized city, so they should be accessible to guests from wherever they live. You can choose anything from natural history museums to city and air and space museums to capture your chosen ceremony theme.

National Parks

You don’t need to be a lover of adventure to appreciate our National parks’ breathtaking beauty. However, being on the adventurous side will likely make this option highly appealing. National parks offer breathtaking scenery, unaltered by human touch, and enough space to set up your perfect venue far from unknown visitors’ eyes. National parks like Yellowstone feature various micro-climates, and all types of striking backdrops, such as waterfalls, canyons, natural pools, and eerie woods.

Botanical Gardens

Plants and flowers offer a wonderful substitute for decoration because they provide varied coloring in shapely, appealing, or fascinating structures. Botanical gardens exist in most cities and offer all the vitality of an indoor jungle with the space, ease of movement, and comfort of an art gallery. Botanical gardens are also reported to have fantastic Feng Shui (a harmonized wind-water energy) and air quality because of the constant purification of air particles by the plants. Many botanical gardens also have stunning installations, such as enchanting fountains and tree-lined paths. The flower beds in botanical gardens are guaranteed to be manicured to perfection, diminishing your need for your own flower arrangement.

A Boat

Boats are ideal for Summer weddings, particularly with smaller guest lists. Boats are fun, different, and adventure-filled options that can dispel the pressures of traditional weddings. They offer a fun and memorable alternative to a hall ceremony.

The boat can journey your entire wedding party to a pre-selected island, where the reception can take place. If you’re a fan of history, docked military vessels can provide an impressive cinematic venue for your wedding. Because your boat wedding ceremony is likely to be in open space, you will not need to invest in indoor lighting.

An Urban Antique Store

If you love the city and its best-known “secrets,” you must know how much of its essence, heart, and history is held in its past art. Everything from the furniture that once populated its apartments to the books that were once all-the-rage across its libraries can communicate a city’s spirit. If you wish to incorporate a signature, tastefully-aged staple of your city in your wedding, consider an antique store. The setting is likely to be more quaint and provide soft, dim lighting best suited to delicate textiles and surfaces. This can make the wedding feel more intimate and provide warm hues to pictures. Antique stores are also increasingly popular wedding venues in Brooklyn, because they require little decoration. The set-up of the shop alone likely bears enough personality and flair without the need for extensive flower arrangements.

A Theme Park

A theme park wedding venue can be an allusion to a past date or just an opportunity for your entire family to have the time of their lives while attending your wedding. Theme park weddings are incredibly fantasist, offering countless fun snacks, costumes and entertainment options to cater both to children and adults. Theme parks can also make for a “fairy-tale”-Esque backdrop for your pictures; if you’ve always dreamed of being an actual princess, a fantasy-themed park wedding is bound to give you a fulfilling and memorable experience.

A Zoo

Zoos, much like theme parks, are best suited to those with underlying passions for the main offering of their venue. If you are an animal lover and wish to use your wedding as an experience for your loved ones to see your favorite animals in action, a zoo wedding is a fun and smart choice. Zoos are large enough to have ample pictorial space, some of which may be decorated with sculptures and fountains, or lined with flower-filled trees. Aquariums are the alternative option for sea life lovers; however, they may require lighting adjustments to ensure your photos do not come out too dark.