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Do You Need a Designer Wedding Gown Or A Gown On A Budget?

One of the hardest decisions you will have to make concerning your wedding is which dress you want to wear. The entire wedding is staged around the bride in her stunning gown. Of course, you want to look beautiful. But, does that mean going to a designer and having a gown custom made for you? How much of the wedding budget can you spend on the wedding gown? Is it more important than the venue you want to use or the honeymoon you want to go on?

These are real questions that you will have to answer. Ideally, you will find a dress that is within your budget. If not, you may consider adding the expenses to your Honeyfund honeymoon registry that you were planning to provide for yourself.

This will allow your guests to help with the expenses in the form of a wedding gift. You can add anything you want to your registry. Maybe if someone will gift you the travel expenses for the honeymoon, you can add a few hundred dollars to your wedding dress budget.

Should you go bargain or designer for your wedding dress?

There are a few things to consider. Many brides start looking through wedding gown publications and they discover dresses they like. They make a note of the designer’s name. But, the designer you choose may provide gowns to the bridal shops in your area. Make some calls and find out if the shop features your favorite designer.

You are not a clothes hanger

You may see the dress of your dreams hanging in a shop, and you fall in love with it. However, when you put the dress on, it looks completely different than you expected. This is one of the pros about buying your gown from a bridal shop. They have selections for you to consider.


If you are going to use a designer, you can expect it to take 4-6 months to produce your gown. You can expect a minimum of 3-4 fittings, and then there are alterations. In a bridal gown shop, the dress may come in your size, and it will simply need alterations. This is important when your wedding is only weeks away.


If you like a gown, but there is one feature that you do not care for, in a shop environment, it can usually be changed. This can be as simple as adding or removing straps, adding a mock neckline, or even the color of the dress.

Designers vs. consultants

A designer designs clothing. He or she is all about the uniqueness, the statement, and the style. If his or her gown is flattering on your body type, that is fine.

A consultant is all about you. He or she sees brides all day long. They work with women who want to accent or draw the eye away from an area of their body. A consultant is about finding the dress that will wow you! You can look for more wedding gowns that match your personality on grace loves lace.

The Wedding

You have found the dress of your dreams. There is more to consider. Can you stand, sit, bend over, and move comfortably in your dress? If not, you may want to reconsider.

Even if you decide to have a gown custom made by a designer, you should still visit several bridal stores and try on gowns. The most gorgeous gown for you, may be one you have never considered.