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20 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles – The early experienced major progress in the transition of women’s hairstyles from the traditional long hairstyles of the Victorian era in the nineteenth century – to new short hairstyles like “the bob”, a process that first began during the Great War (WW1). The original straight, plain, and relatively simple short bobbed hair styles of the early were transformed into much more interesting and feminine bobs (with stylish curls and waves) in the middle to late twenties.

The popularity of these later bobbed hairstyles continued well. Some of the more popular and attractive shorter women’s hair styles are currently experiencing a revival as modern hair stylists look back in time for fresh ideas and inspiration from the innovative and beautiful Vintage Wedding Hairstyles of this trend setting era.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles like the Bob, finger wave, Marcel wave, and shingle shown in the photos are the most popular hairstyles with numerous variations of each. Other hairstyles like the Eton Crop were only temporary phenomenon’s. Barbers and hairdressers were in competition with each other for the cream of this booming hairdressing business, as women of all ages sacrificed their long tresses on the altar of fashion.

As early adopters of the new shorter Vintage Wedding Hairstyles, movie stars and other celebrities played a big part in popularizing the new hair fashions. Women observed their favorite star’s appearances in movies and stage shows, and then their adoring fans eagerly copied the new hairstyles they sported. Although extremely expensive initially, permanent hair waving or perming also attracted a lot of interest from women seeking permanence for their curls and waves despite the high cost involved.

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