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25 Burlap Wedding Decorations Ideas

Burlap Wedding Decorations are all the rage these days. Every day brides are choosing to create unique, distinctive and memorable events for their special night. This is why burlap has become so popular all over North America. Read on to find out why burlap is so popular, including some interesting pictures from actual Burlap events. I discuss the eco-friendly nature of burlap, what makes it a unique and memorable fabric to use for a Burlap wedding, how to deal with burlap smell and recommend what weight of burlap you should use. There are a few neat things you can make out of burlap, including burlap wreaths and burlap pillows.

Is a Burlap wedding right for you? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the what a Burlap wedding, here is a short description: Basically a Burlap wedding moves away from the traditional weddings and substitutes a more earthy atmosphere for the standard wedding theme. There are a wide range of Burlap weddings, from simply changing the locale to a Burlap venue (such as a barn) all the way to a full-on Burlap wedding with burlap tablecloths, napkins and invitations.

If you are a very traditional bride, Burlap weddings are probably not up your alley. Burlap weddings are ideal for a bride that wants to differ slightly from the mainstream in order to reflect her individuality, to make the wedding night unique and to connect with a more earthy atmosphere. Some even plan Burlap events so that their guests feel more relaxed, as it is less formal than the traditional wedding setup.

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