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25 Cool DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas

When you are planning your wedding everything is dependent on cost. You may be on a budget or save in some areas so you can splash out in other areas. Initially you look at the main points when planning: The church, reception, dress and photographer. All of which can prove quite costly. But even when you think you’re doing things on the cheap, the hidden costs of those little essential details may come and bite you on the behind and these stunning DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas can help you to reduce your spent and you can decor your wedding with the help of your family and friends.

Where to begin? Well I reckon it would be the invitations. These can be made easily with the help of your PC and printer. You can make your own design if you wish by adding text in the font, size and color of your choice. Decide if you want to make them into cards which open, a postcard (design on the front and details on the back) or a simple A5 paper invite. For an A5 invite, everything will be on one page. Design a nice header with an simple image relating to a wedding. Bells, cake toppers or horseshoes are appropriate. You can use a scanned image, photograph or drawing or download one from the internet. Make it stylish and unique. you can find many more DIY decorations in below image.

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