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25 Wedding Candles Decorations Ideas

Wedding Candles Decorations Ideas – Your Wedding Decorations do not have to cost a fortune to reflect your theme and style. Using candles in your Decorations add a romantic touch to your wedding without breaking your budget. These Decorations will add an ambiance to your wedding that will have your guests amazed. You can use real wax candles or the current trend is to use candles that have artificial light. These candles are referred to as LED or flame-less candles. Candlelight makes everyone look better. It also adds romance to your reception. It is a touch of elegance that adds to any wedding theme.

The key to the choice in which type of candles to use has a lot to do with the venue involved and the actual use of the candle. The first thing to check is if the venue allows the use of candles. That would also include any houses of worship as well as reception locations. You don’t want to be disappointed the day of your wedding to find out that you can’t use an essential part of your wedding decor.

Often the venue by it’s rules will already make the decision for you. If you have a choice then think about the use of the candle. For example a unity candle outdoors is very difficult on a windy day. But you could do your unity ceremony indoors as part of your wedding theme. Regular candles do give off heat over time, so consider that when thinking about centerpieces with flowers.

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