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5 Tips for Hiring Videographers for Your Wedding

Pictures can say a thousand words, so videos should say a million. That is the most straightforward reason most couples hire videographers for their wedding. Moreover, if you miss those precious moments as and when they happen, you lose them forever. Even professional photographers will tell you that it is impossible to capture the mélange of emotions and the real feel of the moments in photos. If you are planning for a grand wedding, you need a videographer in your team.

In Denver, it is no longer difficult to find a videographer for any event. However, finding one that will provide you professional service and the best quality video can be tricky. For the wedding of your dreams, you definitely need a videographer of your dreams.

Here’s how you should get started –

Check out wedding videos – tons of them

You can now find good quality wedding videos online on YouTube, Instagram, and even Facebook. Social media has made research more accessible than ever for the clients. In the process, talk to your friends, family, and other relatives about their experience.

When you watch the videos, try to figure out what style of videography appeals to you and pay attention to the lighting. Watch the finer details like the storytelling, pacing, and theme. Yes! Even wedding videos have themes now, and professional videographers in Denver can attest to that fact. Check out the profiles of individual videographers and video production companies in your area on the social network. Their portfolios are usually the treasure troves of stellar wedding videos.

Speak with the wedding vendors

While planning a wedding, you will have to talk to several businesses that cater to wedding parties. You will speak to bakeries, florists, decorators, and makeup artists to begin with. Why don’t you ask them if they know any excellent videographers in your area?

Typically, other wedding vendors have a good idea about videographers and photographers in the city. By virtue of their profession, they have been to hundreds of weddings, and they have probably exchanged words with professionals from other fields. Leveraging their network will save you considerable time and effort during your research. Moreover, if you are looking for special requirements like LGBTQ-friendly photographers, or pet-friendly videographers, they might be able to help you out.

Talk to people who have planned weddings before

Begin considering other people’s opinions about videographers. The best way to start this process is by creating a chat group with your family and relatives. You can create another one with your friends. Ask them about their experience with particular videographers in Denver and their recommendations. Be careful to consider professional videographers only.

The reason is simple – your family and friends may have already planned their wedding, and they know a thing or two about hiring videography professionals. Apart from the quality of work, you need to pay attention to the professional’s communication skills. The only way to find out how he or she gels with people, or if he or she can make the guests feel comfortable during the shoot is by asking the others who have already worked with a videographer.

Begin your search early

Timing is of the essence while planning a wedding. When you begin looking for venues and caterers, that is the perfect time to start your search for your videographer as well. It can be a confounding time for the couple, but if you finalize at least one vendor, finding the rest through their network will not be difficult.

You can speak to other couples about how they are proceeding with the wedding plan. However, always remember that you need to book a venue and set a date before you book the videographer. A professional cannot commit unless you have a fixed place and a date for them. They might be happy to entertain a couple cum potential clients for a couple of hours for a pre-wedding interview, but unless you confirm the venue and date with them, there is little they can do.

Narrow the list down

Once you have shortlisted a few videography options in your area, it is time for you to narrow the list down. Here, you need to go back to the review stage and check which videographers have the best reviews and testimonials from their clients. If you are particularly interested in hiring a particular individual or service company, ask your friends and family if they have ever worked with them.

Choosing just one name from a list of ten or fifteen might be difficult, but you should begin your elimination process by excluding those names, whose work did not speak to you. After you have shortened your list, go back to their work. Check out the videos that made you put them on the list in the first place. Sit down with your would-be spouse and finalize your choice with enough time before the wedding.

A word of advice

  • The well-known videographers and photographers are typically busy during every wedding season. While you are researching and vetting potential videographers, hundreds of other couples are doing the same. You need to be quick and decisive about setting a date for your wedding, and reaching out to your pro in time before someone else books his or her services.
  • If you are thinking about hiring a photographer as well, you should check out the companies that offer both videography and photography services. Many of them offer online registrations. You can leave them your details along with your requirement and ask for a quote. It will make the final round of selection quick and straightforward.
  • Do not forget to arrange for a personal meeting with the videographer of your choice. Someone in Denver should be easy to find and visit well before the final day of your wedding.
  • Additionally, you can have a list of questions for them about their experience, previous work, standard charges, refreshment requirement, and more, to avoid any room for confusion on your special day.


The key to excellent final videos is communication. Always insist on a direct line of communication with the professional of your choice and ensure that you do the same for them.