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A Wedding Chair Cover Can Help Level Up a Wedding Reception Venue

A wedding reception venue deserves all the time and attention! You need to decorate it the best way you can. Is your loved one getting married soon? And do you wish to make the wedding party memorable by getting the best decor and theme? If yes, then one of the things that you ought to take care of is the chair cover.

It might appear to be a small part of the entire wedding decor, but chair covers can help you take the wedding venue decor a notch higher. No one likes to walk into a wedding reception, where there’s no thought given to the selection of chair cover type or design.

It is indeed challenging to get to the correct decision about the chair cover that’s best for you. The market today is replete with ample choices. However, with the following guidelines, you can choose better for the wedding reception venue.

Decide on the cover type

Chair covers will make the wedding venue look more appealing! It helps to add a classy and formal look to it. There’s an added benefit too. Just in case some of your chairs have any imperfections, the cover can help to conceal it.

Also, there are several types in the market available. You can choose from the loose drop or the elastane covers.

Elastane covers easily fit to any chair, and it has a flawless and sleek finish. And the loose drop covers are slightly loose. It is affordably priced and is readily available as well. You can get these covers in other fabrics such as satin, silk, and cotton. You can select the one that looks perfect to you.

Decide on the cover shade

Choosing the best chair cover color is essential. If the color is not well coordinated with the venue, then it results in a complete mismatch. Visually, it looks unattractive. Usually, it’s always best to match the chair cover either with the bride or the bridesmaid attire color. You can also match the color with the best man’s or groom’s attire.

If you want to play very safe, some of the best colors to choose from include cream, white, off-white and ivory. When you choose some other shade, unique to the wedding theme or decor, it gives a distinct look. But always make sure that the color selection is pleasant and nothing looks over the top or out of place. You can consult your wedding planner and then take the final decision.

Matching chair cover decorations and embellishments

If you want you can experiment with your chair covers! Today, there are creative and ornate looking embellishments such as bows, ribbons, ornaments, flowers, and sashes to opt-in for. It helps to accentuate the look of your wedding chair cover. You can select ribbons or bows for satin chair covers. These embellishments come in intricate and delicate looking motifs that you can use on the cover.

Not everyone gets the correct embellishment match for their wedding chair covers! You can ask your service provider to give you the best suggestion. It is always best to work in co-operation of your wedding planner and the chair cover supplier. That way you get the best of both worlds. It adds the required beauty and gravitas to your wedding venue.