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6 Wedding Theme Inspirations

Although your wedding will undoubtedly be a special, unforgettable and one-of-a-kind occasion, having a wedding theme helps to pull everything together and tie it all up in a neat bow. The theme of your big day will influence your style of wedding dress, your bridal flowers, wedding cake, color theme and venue decorations. It can also help you decide on your wedding invitations, wedding order of service and all the little details, that when combined together, allow you create a perfect, memorable and unique day.

Choosing a wedding theme requires careful consideration. You’ll need to bear your budget in mind when you’re dreaming up your ultimate wedding theme scenario. Once you’ve chosen the wedding date, it’s a good idea to discuss your wedding theme ideas and plans with your future spouse. Enjoy a romantic date night and share your thoughts about your perfect wedding day. Exploring your individual likes and dislikes, and your common interests, will help you make your inspired wedding theme decision.

Traditional & Formal

Weddings that take place in elegant traditional settings like a church, cathedral or other place of worship, typically have a formal wedding theme. If you’ve chosen a grand manor house, castle or stately home as the venue for your fairytale wedding, the appropriate dress code is always understated and formal. Black-tie dress is the perfect choice for upscale weddings at any time of the year. Traditional formal weddings never go out of style, and are the top choice for royalty, and the rich and famous.

  • If you adore sophisticated and opulent glamour Gatsby style, this is the perfect wedding theme for you.

Classic & Timeless

Vintage inspired wedding themes are bang on trend right now. Incorporating styles and ideas from the past is a fashionable way to theme your big day. Perhaps you dream about dressing up in a beautiful handmade vintage wedding gown, or being driven to the church or wedding venue in style in a classic car from yesteryear. Classic and timeless wedding themes allow you to capture the spirit of a bygone era, and to customize it your own way.

  • A vintage wedding theme is the ideal choice for you, if you have a love of all things retro.

Modern & Glamorous

If you’re a keen follower of fashion and trends, choosing a modern and glamorous wedding theme makes perfect sense. You’ve probably already collated an array of your favorite wedding images to draw inspiration from, and regularly update your mood board. If this is your ideal wedding theme, choose a beautiful designer wedding gown and accessories, and the latest popular color theme, and add decadent and luxurious finishing touches that elevate your style. Make sure your wedding venue is suitably upscale and elegant, to impress your guests.

•Choose a modern wedding theme if love to make a statement.

Paradise & Nature

Many couples opt to get married in the great outdoors. A gorgeous natural setting like a beautiful beach or romantic garden is the perfect spot in which to get hitched. If you can’t afford to blow the budget on a dream destination wedding somewhere far away and exotic, you can easily find a great alternative (and more affordable) piece of paradise closer to home. Choose an idyllic location that inspires your entire wedding theme. Whether you have your ceremony on sand or grass, you’ll easily be able to customize your wedding day theme to your liking.

  • Let you heart lead the way when choosing a romantic paradise theme for your wedding.

Casual & Quirky

Rustic and DIY wedding themes are a popular choice with couples that are environmentally conscious. You can use nature inspired elements to decorate your wedding venue and get married in a garden. A DIY wedding can save you a stash of money, provided that you’re happy to ask friends and family to lend a hand, and to create your own unique embellishments and decorations. Have fun showing off your casual and quirky style by filling your wedding venue space with beautiful flowers and romantic candles arranged in shabby chic, recycled jam jars.

  • If you’d rather save the planet than splurge on designer stuff for your wedding, a casual and quirky wedding theme perfectly suits you.

Offbeat & Original

Wedding themes that naturally fall into the offbeat and original category are perfect for fun-long soul mates that want to share their love and interests with family and friends. You can choose a wedding theme that incorporates elements from your favorite movie, book or game, and invite your guests to dress the part. Once considered to be a bohemian wedding theme option, this creative solution offers unlimited opportunities to express your unique personalities and ideas. You and your spouse can go wild by creating another world, for a movie themed wedding, and play the starring roles.

  • If you and your beloved share a love for a particular movie, TV show or book, an offbeat and original wedding theme is the obvious theme choice for your wedding day.

Wedding theme inspirations are designed to help you create the perfect special day. Whatever your theme preference is, use it to create stunning décor, pretty wedding invitations, wedding menu cards and other decorative touches that enhance the mood and ambience on your big day. While it’s the love that really makes a wedding day magical, getting the theme right certainly helps.