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Alternative Engagement Ring Ideas for an Alternative Couple

Over the ages, fashions have splintered. Although there are still some trends that adhere to ‘traditional’ fashion, many couples prefer an alternative type of engagement ring. These are but some of the many alternative engagement rings you should look out for.

Remember, no engagement ring is complete without a dazzling diamond at the centre of it. If you want a ring that will glisten while carrying messages and meanings known to yourself and your partner, check out this Hearts on Fire review.

Queen of Hearts Oval Diamond Ring – Chupi

Black has always been a bold choice of colour, but the real elegance comes from the halo of diamonds mounted on a white gold band.

Gold Multi-Stone Engagement Ring – William White

William White has crafted what can be best described as an extravaganza of a ring with a cluster made up of a ruby in the centre, surrounded by blue sapphires and morganite. For anyone who’s looking to add that extra bit of dazzle and draw more attention to their finger, this is the ring you should be buying.

Birk Splash Diamond Rings – Goldsmiths

Normally, you would make do with a stone on a band, but the splash band gives you four different types of stones to wear. You can choose from blue sapphires, pink sapphires, or stick with an additional band of diamonds. You know you’ve got a fancy ring in your sights when it is proudly worn by the Duchess of Sussex.

White Gold Diamond Aquarium Ring – John Lewis

Sometimes, people can find themselves torn between having a contemporary ring or finding a vintage style. But you can find a good combination as well as a timeless classic in the form of this white gold aquarium ring, a beautifully-matched colour if you’re planning a March wedding.

Le Vian Vanilla Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring – Ernest Jones

The Duchess of Cambridge has proven herself to be a fashion icon. And you can hop onto the ring bandwagon by selecting a ring with a sapphire as the centre stone. Add the right wedding band and you’re emitting an iconic fashion trend.

Henrietta Ring – Swarovski

Taking on a crown-like shape, it also has a reputation for being remarkably well-priced, an added incentive for going after this peculiar ring.

Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring – William White

If you are seeking an alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring, then look no further than this striking ring in all its blue glory.

Pepple Solid Gold Diamond Engagement Ring – Alison Moore Designs

Whether you want this ring in white gold or yellow gold, its unique, but no less beautiful shape will promise an eye-catching break from tradition.

Many of these rings are remarkably crafted, some combining styles from various ages and providing an extra sparkle that would be lost with the more traditional diamond engagement ring. But these rings can be worn as an extension of your individuality. And after the proposal, you’ll have a ring that will carry more personal significance between the two of you. Who knows, perhaps one day, one of these rings will be linked with you and your partner.