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Groomsmen Gift Ideas for 2020

Groomsmen were an addition to weddings for ages now, and rightfully so – back in the day, the role of the groomsman was to be the bride’s bodyguard. The reason behind this is that not just anyone could be a groomsman – groomsmen were carefully chosen as the strongest close friends and family members of the groom. The most skilled one would become the best man and lead all the other groomsmen. This way, if the bride’s family refused to allow her to marry the groom, the groomsmen could jump in and kidnap the bride. Nowadays, women can decide their fate for themselves, and we need no knights in shining armor to come and rescue the lady any longer. The kidnapping tradition is still present in rural parts of Europe, but only in the form of a party joke.

The groomsmen of today have much different “duties” than they did in the past: they help organize your parties, be it an engagement party, bachelor party, or the wedding itself. They calm down the nervous groom, help them in choosing their tuxedo or suit, escort guests to their seats, and walk the bride down the aisle – if necessary. They are basically your personal wedding assistant.

In honor of their loyal assistance, your groomsmen deserve personalized groomsmen gifts as a token of your appreciation for their bravery of withstanding the whole wedding stress by your side.

Here are some ideas for groomsmen gifts that you can give to the men who helped you out on your special day:

  • Engraved Whiskey Bottle

A classic gift and a popular choice for groomsmen. There are many ways how you can make your friend’s whiskey experience more personal: You can engrave a bottle of fine whiskey with your groomsman’s name, you can make an engraved and personalized flask or you can even have engraved shot glasses made. Possibilities are endless, as well as additions to make it more classy – you can always add more detail, or go a bit extra with the packaging by presenting your gift in a box with the initials of your groomsman.

  • A self-care kit

Men like a little me-time just as much as women do. Your groomsmen will share your stress with you, and will certainly look forward to their evening shower to freshen up a bit and wash those worries away. Shaving cream, cologne, deodorant, shower gel, perfume… Anything goes. Make a set of things with the scents you know they like, and you can’t go wrong.

  • Wedding outfit accessories

You can gift your groomsmen accessories that they will be able to wear both to your special day and after. This includes watches, ties, bowties, belts, bracelets, and even sunglasses.

  • Engraved wood

There are many different items to choose from here; pipes, baseball bats, knife handles, guitar picks… but if you find this too old-fashioned, you can combine a little bit of modern and a little bit of class to create something rare and unique, such as an engraved wooden Bluetooth speaker, perhaps?

You can make a caricature-like bobblehead figure of all of your groomsmen as an ideal joke-type of a gift. These can be shelf figurines, car dashboard bobblehead figures, or even bobblehead beer bottle openers. Not necessarily as practical as other gifts maybe, but it is surely something they will be hesitant to ever discard.