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How to Get the Best Deal When Hiring a Wedding Entertainment Company

No wedding reception is complete without its share of entertainment, from photo booths to rocking bands and DJs belting together with some other amusement that suits the occasion. Music plays a crucial role in wedding entertainment, and it makes weddings fun and memorable for which it has become an integral part of the event. Planning a wedding can be quite stressful and thinking about entertainment ideas by yourself would only increase the stress. To make things easy, seek assistance from some entertainment company like East Coast Entertainment to book ECE Bands for the occasion.

When hiring a band, DJ or dancers for wedding reception entertainment through some entertainment company you must make sure that you get the most out of them to guarantee wholesome entertainment. The following tips should help you to achieve your goal.

Book Early

Although the entertainment companies have access to huge resources to guarantee the type of entertainment you are seeking, do not take chances but book well in advance to get your first choice. There is good demand for top-line wedding bands, and you must book at least 12-18 months in advance especially for key dates.

Avail concessions

The time of the wedding, whether it is on a weekday or peak months affects the cost of entertainment. Summer weekends are the busiest time for bands and entertainment acts that are usually highly overbooked at these times and the rates soar to the sky. However, during the lean seasons and on weekdays the same bands would find hard to get bookings and would be happy to offer concessions. Timing your wedding can be a cost saver.

Align with your theme

Most likely your wedding would be based on some themes which are the trend today. It could be something very general like ‘summer’ or more specific like ‘vintage’ and ‘festival.’ Select the entertainment in a way so that it not only aligns with the theme but also helps to augment it. For example, you can think of reliving the 70s and 80s awesomely to pay tribute to that era and creating nostalgic feelings to align with the theme.

Think about timings

Weddings seldom follow the clock, and it is normal to go wayward with timings. For realistic ideas about timing seek advice from your venue to work out a realistic timing for entertainment. Drinks reception is most suited to have entertainment because it would run for extended hours with photographs, fun, and frolic making guests forget about their tummies.

Consider the available space

The venue and the space available for accommodating the band must be on your mind because it must be spacious enough to allow band members to perform with ease. The same applies to the size of the dance floor. There must be a good balance between the stage and the dance area that looks well poised for complete entertainment. The choice of entertainment must suit the available space.

Go through the terms and conditions of the contract of the entertainment company with a focus on cancellation and contingencies clauses before signing it.