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The Perfect Spring Wedding Menu

Many couples plan their wedding to take place in a specific season, and will match the theme of their wedding to whichever they choose. If your wedding is taking place in spring, you’ll probably be using bright colours like pinks, blues, or greens. Many spring weddings also incorporate flower designs and aim to capture the magic that everyone experiences when spring comes.
With the sun shining, birds singing, and flowers blooming, there is perhaps no better season that truly captures the essence of romance. Spring weddings are often simple and charming, and aim to capture the essence of nature with fresh flowers and bright hues.

A Fresh Menu for a Fresh Wedding

While the décor of a spring wedding might be a no-brainer, creating a spring wedding menu might not be as obvious. But you’re definitely not alone when it comes to creating your wedding menu – see what elite wedding caterers can deliver when it comes to designing a menu that perfectly matches your spring theme.

It’s all about what’s fresh and in season, so your wedding menu should incorporate locally-grown ingredients – especially when it comes to fruits and berries.

Signature Drinks

Anything fruity or berry-infused usually does the trick.

  • Spiked lemonade or iced tea with raspberry, lavender, or peach
  • Champagne coolers with berry flavouring
  • Fruity mimosas or bellinis


Make sure to start your guests off with light fare. Small, bite-sized appetizers are usually the best way to make sure your guests don’t feel full and bloated before they’ve even begun their first course.

  • An antipasto table made up of your standard meats and cheeses, but also with fruits like figs, baby tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes, grapes, or even strawberries, as well as greens like artichokes and spring mix leaves for texture
  • Spring rolls – either vegetarian or with your choice of meat (usually shrimp)
  • Bruschetta because of its vibrant colours and fresh ingredients (tomato, onion, basil)

First Course

Your first course should also be something light and refreshing for the palate.

  • Spring salad with fresh mixed greens and berries; the dressing should be something light like a vinaigrette
  • A light and/or colourful soup like spring pea soup garnished with mint leaves on top – the bright colour of your soup will perfectly invoke feeling of spring

Main Course

All your main courses should incorporate some kind of fresh, locally grown fruit or vegetable – whether it’s a part of the main food or a side.

  • Herb and citrus roasted chicken (garnished with oranges)
  • Spring-season vegetable risotto with peas, asparagus, and fresh thyme
  • Miso black cod with rice and bokchoy
  • European sea bass with green pea purée and apple sauce
  • Striploinsteak with asparagus, radish, and zucchini noodle salad


When you think of spring desserts you usually picture something with fruit in it. While that’s definitely an option there are some more things you could consider.

  • Blackberry lavender cake with berries on top
  • Apple cake or apple pie with vanilla ice cream
  • Sweets table with macaroons, colourful candy, and cupcakes

    There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding on your spring wedding menu. That’s why wedding catering can really help relieve you of a lot of the burden. A wedding caterer will be able to come up with the perfect menu for your special event.