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Tips on Customizing Destination Weddings

Getting started

It really is best to have a destination wedding planner, an expert taking care of it all for you, saving hours on phone calls with language barriers and helping making executive decisions from far away. They are best placed to know the small details like what time the sun sets and best local means of transportation.

Local customizations

Fully embrace everything your destination has to offer, creating an immersive experience for all in the environment that captured your hearts. Not only will you be able to take advantage of wonderful local blooms and culinary specialities, but this will also help with keeping costs down.

Theme ideas

Why not incorporate some of your destination’s culture into you wedding entertainment. Fire dancers and mariachi band in Mexico or salsa dancers and a steel drum band in the Caribbean; all will be a big hit with your guests and make your special day even more amazing.


Wedding cake designs can be tied to the destination itself or presented as an extension of the venue decor, each of these will be undeniably unique and beautiful.  Incorporate gorgeous local flowers, celebrate the local culture and mimic the gorgeous scenery of your chosen destination.

Special touches

Welcome bags and wedding favours are a great way to show your appreciation to those who have travelled to attend your big day. They can include a welcome letter and itinerary details, mini liquor bottles containing the famed local tipple, a locally scented candle, handheld fans or customized flipflops.

It’s the small things

Don’t forgot that some of the items you would have at a UK wedding are still a must in a far-flung destination.  Your destination wedding planner will have unique ideas for destination wedding signs, alternative ideas for destination wedding guest books and more.