30 Letterpress Wedding Invitations Ideas

Picking the right style of invitation to go with that beautiful paper is just as important. Which is why letterpress, where the ink is essentially pressed into the paper, is such a lovely option. We’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite letterpress invitations that are sure to impress your wedding guests. Letterpress Wedding Invitations Ideas […]

30 Classic Wedding Invitations Ideas

Classic or traditional wedding invitations are just that classic. They are timeless and never go out of fashion. How to word the wedding invitations and when to send them out will be directed if needed. Get your classic wedding invitation samples and start to make them your own. These 30 Classic Wedding Invitations Ideas will […]

30 Classy Wedding Invitations Ideas

Wedding invitations and stationery can be soooo much fun. It’s a chance to share a teaser of your wedding plans and to show off your personality as a couple. There are oodles of options out there for couples now and the choices are endless. Whether you are looking for something quirky, bespoke, elegant or fun […]

30 Creative Wedding Invitations Ideas

Wedding season is upon us yet again. People look for all kinds of advice ranging from “You should beware if your to-be partner is showing these signs” to “what kind of gift is suitable for a friend who is getting married for the third time”. Most of us will be a part of at least […]

30 Fancy Wedding Invitations Ideas

Need a little invitation inspiration? Color ideas and design, we have 30 fancy wedding invitations to inspire. Fancy wedding invitations will inspire you with awesome ideas for your invitation with a various styles and trends. Get color scheme inspiration with our gorgeous ideas for choosing the right colors for your invitation. From calming combinations of […]

30 Fall Wedding Invitations Ideas

Color for your invitations should be one or more of the fall colors like brown, cream, green, burgundy, yellow, orange, etc. To add an elegant touch you can also use leaf patterns, rhinestones and bows. If your wedding ceremony happens to be in autumn and you want to decorate your fall wedding ceremony invitations here […]

30 Casual Wedding Invitations Ideas

The wording on a wedding invitation should reflect the mood of the upcoming event. Therefore, if you are planning a casual wedding, the wording on your wedding invitation should be on the lighter side. invitation provides guests with basic information about the ceremony and reception, which invites guests to join you but does not appear […]

30 Chalkboard Wedding Invitations Ideas

Every girl dreams of the day she will say those two little words that mean forever. When I say she’s dreaming, I’m not just talking about the hunk at the end of the aisle. I’m talking perfecting every little detail from the cake topper to cutesy wedding centerpieces and sweet thank yous. I’m talking endless […]

30 Cheap Wedding Invitations Ideas

The thing about choosing to have a wedding with guests is that you then have to actually… get them there. Hence, the importance of the wedding invitation: without it, nobody would know you’re getting hitched. So where to start? There’s not really a wrong way. Anything goes: from pressing send on a simple invite, to […]

30 Burlap Wedding Invitations Ideas

Have you picked up a theme for your wedding or bridal shower? If your answer is yes, probably you’ve already started to prepare all the details for it, for example, invitations for your guests. We’ve already told you about various types of invitations and today it’s time for burlap ones. Burlap is usually used in […]