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20 Natural Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Natural Wedding Hairstyles – Everyone needs to have a bunch of cute protective hairstyle ideas at their fingertips in order to prevent breakage and give your hair a much needed RESTING PERIOD from time to time! Also, if you find yourself saying, “Man, no matter what I do, my hair won’t ever grow,” growth may not be your issue. Your retention rate may be the real root of the problem.

If your hair is breaking off faster than it happens to be growing out of your scalp, then it will appear as if your hair growth is at a standstill. Protective hair styling, along with a well thought out Natural Wedding Hairstyles, may be just the right hair solution for you, though!

Protective styling is actually when you hide your hair! That’s right! You basically sign your hair up for the witness protection program and keep it away from the potential dangers of rubbing it against rough textures like your clothing and keeping it from harsh weather that can be drying to your hair.

These styles actually help your hold onto to the most delicate part of your hair–your ENDS! If your ends snap off, you will see little or no progress with your hair growth, BUT if you can give your ends a little TLC, you will be able to retain all your length and see progress!

Yarn Braids and Individual Braids: Wearing this style allows for you to reach your scalp and make sure it is moisturized and oiled regularly so you can achieve optimal hair growth. This style is very versatile and many updos and other hairstyles can be achieved with this protective hairstyle. However, you do need to make sure that your braids are not too tight because that could damage your hair beyond repair especially around your hairline.

Senegalese Twists: These are very similar to individual braids so the same rules apply with this style. However, this style does look slightly different in texture, and I’m noticing that this particular style is becoming more and more popular right now.

Natural Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

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