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25 Red Wedding Decorations Ideas

Red Wedding Decorations Ideas – OK, I’ll admit this is a stretch, even for a dyed-in-the wool red lover like myself, but I have seen some truly amazing combinations of red and pink that were simply stunning. With this combo, you need to be careful about the color red and pink you choose. Hot pink and red not so much pale pink and red ahh, yes, gorgeous! You really need to underplay the use of this palette to avoid it looking a little Valentine-y, but if you don’t morph into overkill, it can turn out looking elegant instead of cheesy. For a classic look, pull in some silver touches like mercury glass with your centerpieces. Put your bridesmaids in blush pink short dresses with red rose or peony bouquets and have groomsmen wear pale grey suits with pink ties and hints of red handkerchiefs poking out of their bread pocket. Your friends will call you crazy until they see the effect all together at your wedding, then they’ll call you innovative and daring!

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