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How to Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress

Some women have been dreaming up their perfect wedding dress since their childhood days. Others haven’t given it a single thought until the reality of ‘oh my goodness, I’m getting married’ sets in and they find themselves searching for a dress. Sure, it’s one dress for one day—but that day is, quite possibly, the most […]

Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer – How to go about it?

The decision to marry your beloved or partner brings immense joy and happiness! Couples usually get involved in planning their wedding ardently. Right from the wedding cake, venue, bridal trousseau to the guest list and engagement – they take pleasure in planning it all. One of the essential parts of the modern-day wedding is the […]

What is the Most Fashionable Choice for Today’s Bridal Collection?

bridal collection New Zealand Bridal choices keep changing from culture to culture. Some of the clothes and fashion style are ageless and timeless. While some bridal collection New Zealand chooses to be trendy with the latest vogue. These days brides are changing their choices and are moving from the traditional clothes to the contemporary designer […]

How to Choose the Ball Dress That’s Pefect for You

Ready for prom? No right! But don’t crease your forehead as this article will guide a perfect way of choosing an ideal ball dress. If your school year is approaching near then you need to hurry and prepare soon for prom. You must be already aware of the fact that boys usually get pass this […]

Indian Suit: Your Go-To Ethnic Wear

With advent of the modern world, the humble Indian suit has seen a lot of advances and modernization. Today, you shall be able to witness wide variety of designs of the Indian salwar suit. This article is all about that. A Little about the Indian Suit: Indian suits have always been a traditional wear offering […]

10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Congratulations! It’s time to buy your loved one a designer diamond engagement ring. Things have been going well, and you’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. It doesn’t stop here, though. There’s still a lot to think about before you head into the shops and decide on which […]

Why Custom Bridesmaid Robes are Popular, and How to Choose Them?

Nowadays, theme decorations and beautiful photo shoots have become the highlight of any wedding season. It feels like a movie in motion when you skim through those colorful and well-coordinated pictures. After going through them, you also start imagining how to make your wedding preparations so seamlessly beautiful and more like a fairy-tale. Although there […]

How to Look for The Most Ideal Cut Diamond in Singapore?

What decides how precious a diamond is going to be? Carat is the obvious answer that many stick to, but several other factors determine the precious gemstone’s value. The cut of a diamond is one of the most critical factors that determine the real value of it. When a jeweler in Singapore says “cut,” he […]

5 Tips for Hiring Videographers for Your Wedding

Pictures can say a thousand words, so videos should say a million. That is the most straightforward reason most couples hire videographers for their wedding. Moreover, if you miss those precious moments as and when they happen, you lose them forever. Even professional photographers will tell you that it is impossible to capture the mélange […]