An Experts Guide on How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

There are many considerations when purchasing an engagement ring. First and foremost in that decision-making conundrum is whether to purchase an already assembled piece or buy a loose diamond and have a custom ring made. The latter is what experts recommend as you have more control over picking a loose diamond that will provide the […]

Vintage Wedding Planning: Rent or Buy?

Vintage weddings are all the rave these days, and it’s not hard to see why. The classic, vintage look is as romantic as it gets. If you’re planning a vintage wedding, you have some big choices to make. In addition to finding the perfect décor for the big event, you also need to decide whether […]

Adorable Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Doesn’t every woman dream of a sweet proposal with an engagement ring, and a promise of forever? While getting proposed is certainly a beautiful feeling, sharing the engagement news with loved ones is equally exciting! Jewelry companies like EraGem indeed make it easy to find the perfect engagement ring, but the effort that your fiancé […]

Alternative Engagement Ring Ideas for an Alternative Couple

Over the ages, fashions have splintered. Although there are still some trends that adhere to ‘traditional’ fashion, many couples prefer an alternative type of engagement ring. These are but some of the many alternative engagement rings you should look out for. Remember, no engagement ring is complete without a dazzling diamond at the centre of […]

Groomsmen Gift Ideas for 2020

Groomsmen were an addition to weddings for ages now, and rightfully so – back in the day, the role of the groomsman was to be the bride’s bodyguard. The reason behind this is that not just anyone could be a groomsman – groomsmen were carefully chosen as the strongest close friends and family members of […]

Picking a Wedding Date: How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Date

Picking a wedding date is the task of the same value as choosing the engagement rings of your dream. When the engagement rings are the symbol of your family’s birth, the wedding date is its birthday. Therefore, both of them should be extremely special. So it happened that we have the image of the rings […]

10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Congratulations! It’s time to buy your loved one a designer diamond engagement ring. Things have been going well, and you’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. It doesn’t stop here, though. There’s still a lot to think about before you head into the shops and decide on which […]

Why Custom Bridesmaid Robes are Popular, and How to Choose Them?

Nowadays, theme decorations and beautiful photo shoots have become the highlight of any wedding season. It feels like a movie in motion when you skim through those colorful and well-coordinated pictures. After going through them, you also start imagining how to make your wedding preparations so seamlessly beautiful and more like a fairy-tale. Although there […]

5 Tips for Hiring Videographers for Your Wedding

Pictures can say a thousand words, so videos should say a million. That is the most straightforward reason most couples hire videographers for their wedding. Moreover, if you miss those precious moments as and when they happen, you lose them forever. Even professional photographers will tell you that it is impossible to capture the mélange […]

Custom Neon Light for your Home, Business and Wedding Event

You can make any type of custom neon light or sign for your Business, Shop, Residences or any of your life’s important events like Wedding, birthday and more by selecting a soft palette and utilizing dimmers, neon can be utilized in a range of methods in the house. If you get a broken neon sign […]