Groomsmen Gift Ideas for 2020

Groomsmen were an addition to weddings for ages now, and rightfully so – back in the day, the role of the groomsman was to be the bride’s bodyguard. The reason behind this is that not just anyone could be a groomsman – groomsmen were carefully chosen as the strongest close friends and family members of […]

Picking a Wedding Date: How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Date

Picking a wedding date is the task of the same value as choosing the engagement rings of your dream. When the engagement rings are the symbol of your family’s birth, the wedding date is its birthday. Therefore, both of them should be extremely special. So it happened that we have the image of the rings […]

10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Congratulations! It’s time to buy your loved one a designer diamond engagement ring. Things have been going well, and you’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. It doesn’t stop here, though. There’s still a lot to think about before you head into the shops and decide on which […]

Why Custom Bridesmaid Robes are Popular, and How to Choose Them?

Nowadays, theme decorations and beautiful photo shoots have become the highlight of any wedding season. It feels like a movie in motion when you skim through those colorful and well-coordinated pictures. After going through them, you also start imagining how to make your wedding preparations so seamlessly beautiful and more like a fairy-tale. Although there […]

5 Tips for Hiring Videographers for Your Wedding

Pictures can say a thousand words, so videos should say a million. That is the most straightforward reason most couples hire videographers for their wedding. Moreover, if you miss those precious moments as and when they happen, you lose them forever. Even professional photographers will tell you that it is impossible to capture the mélange […]

Custom Neon Light for your Home, Business and Wedding Event

You can make any type of custom neon light or sign for your Business, Shop, Residences or any of your life’s important events like Wedding, birthday and more by selecting a soft palette and utilizing dimmers, neon can be utilized in a range of methods in the house. If you get a broken neon sign […]

6 Wedding Theme Inspirations

Although your wedding will undoubtedly be a special, unforgettable and one-of-a-kind occasion, having a wedding theme helps to pull everything together and tie it all up in a neat bow. The theme of your big day will influence your style of wedding dress, your bridal flowers, wedding cake, color theme and venue decorations. It can […]

The Perfect Spring Wedding Menu

Many couples plan their wedding to take place in a specific season, and will match the theme of their wedding to whichever they choose. If your wedding is taking place in spring, you’ll probably be using bright colours like pinks, blues, or greens. Many spring weddings also incorporate flower designs and aim to capture the […]

How to Get the Best Deal When Hiring a Wedding Entertainment Company

No wedding reception is complete without its share of entertainment, from photo booths to rocking bands and DJs belting together with some other amusement that suits the occasion. Music plays a crucial role in wedding entertainment, and it makes weddings fun and memorable for which it has become an integral part of the event. Planning […]